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On October 13, 2015: NCDOT released the Environmental Impact Study for an expansion of Interstate 26 through Asheville. The project remains too large, too harmful and out of touch with the kind of transportation improvements Asheville wants and needs.NCDOT needs to hear from you! 

For the latest on the I-26 Connector Project, its impact on our communities and latest developments, visit the I-26 ConnectUs project page on the MountainTrue website

      March 2008 Draft Environmental Impact Statement
      NCDOT Report of Comment/Response Database in Draft EIS
      May 2009 Minutes of September 2008 Hearing Meeting (comments and responses)
      April 2009 NCDOT I-26 Newsletter (Issue no. 9)
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      USDOT Flexibility in Highway Design
      NCDOT STRATEGIC PLAN (excerpts)

Asheville Design Center
      Asheville Design Center I-26 comparisons
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      September 2008 DEIS Comment Letter

Southern Environmental Law Center/WNC Alliance
      November 2006 Comments on the I-26 Connector
      June 2008 DEIS Comment Letter
      September 2008 DEIS Supplemental Comment Letter

Asheville Urban Renewal
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      The Generational Effects of Urban Renewal
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      Asheville 2005 Pedestrian Plan
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